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May 21

Baked Potato Soup

OK, one of my favorite tools ever is the crockpot. While I enjoy spending the extra time and care required to make a big fancy meal or dessert, I also really appreciate having the cockpot on busy days. I love loading it up in the morning and coming home from work to find the house …

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May 19

Bananas Foster Bread

I found this recipe on Pinterest yesterday, while looking for a new way to use my bananas. They were getting to that perfect for baking, but too soft for eating stage. Not a single soul will eat the bananas in my house once they have their leopard spots. Well I take that back, the dog …

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May 16

I made this Carrot Cake Cheesecake.


I found the recipe on Pinterest. I was delicious….no amazing….no out of this world!! It was a multi-step process and a little labor intensive, but totally worth it. I prepared this for Easter this year. I started by baking the carrot cakes the night before. This recipe calls for pineapple as well as carrots, and …

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Nov 26



Cash is possibly the sweetest doggie ever.  German Short-Haired Pointer.  Best Breed.

Sep 14

New Hosting

Well, the web design thing hasn’t ever really gone far for me.  And….I have only 2 customers left.  So I can’t really afford my server anymore.  Testing options here.

Mar 16

St Patrick’s Day Green Trifle

I love trying out new desserts.  We had a potuck at work for St. Patrick’s day, and I needed a green dessert.  Well I remembered a fun dessert that a lady I used to work with used to make, but couldn’t quite remember the recipe, so I’ve re-created it. St. Patrick’s Day Trifle Recipe 3 …

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Apr 10

Best Cookies Ever!!

My family loves these cookies.  They are a wonderful combination of an oatmeal cookie and marshmallow frosting to die for.  They are a little too sweet for my husband’s taste, but I could and have been known to over-eat them a bit, lol.  These Oatmeal Sandwich Cookies were published in Taste of Home magazine in the …

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Apr 04

Banana Cake

 Its been sooooo very long since I’ve posted anything on my blog here.  I often think of things, and the get carried away with life, busy and just forget about it.  Well, not this time.  A few weeks ago I made a cake for my Dad’s birthday.  He loves banana cake, but I like to …

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Mar 30

The Zamzuu Opportunity

 I am so excited with my company.  Zamzuu just keeps getting better and better.   Not only do they provide the most amazing tools for us travel agents, they really do help people.  The idea is to help you save money on shopping that you already do.  Who wouldn’t want that?   Zamzuu – the …

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Mar 01


 My company now has a new product called KidZafe.  This is brilliant!  Basically it is meant to help protect your children while they are on the internet or their cell phone. Here’s the information: Smart tools to protect the irreplaceable. KidZafe by Zamzuu helps you protect your kids from predators, bullies and sexting and helps …

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