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May 21

Baked Potato Soup

OK, one of my favorite tools ever is the crockpot. While I enjoy spending the extra time and care required to make a big fancy meal or dessert, I also really appreciate having the cockpot on busy days. I love loading it up in the morning and coming home from work to find the house …

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Sep 14

New Hosting

Well, the web design thing hasn’t ever really gone far for me.  And….I have only 2 customers left.  So I can’t really afford my server anymore.  Testing options here.

Apr 04

Banana Cake

 Its been sooooo very long since I’ve posted anything on my blog here.  I often think of things, and the get carried away with life, busy and just forget about it.  Well, not this time.  A few weeks ago I made a cake for my Dad’s birthday.  He loves banana cake, but I like to …

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Mar 30

The Zamzuu Opportunity

 I am so excited with my company.  Zamzuu just keeps getting better and better.   Not only do they provide the most amazing tools for us travel agents, they really do help people.  The idea is to help you save money on shopping that you already do.  Who wouldn’t want that?   Zamzuu – the …

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Jun 03

New Toy

I ordered a new toy to help me with my running, and it arrived today! This thing is called the Gymboss.  It is an interval timer to help me run/walk in the intervals that I want.  I can set my own pace.  So far, I am pretty impressed with it!  My friend Tricia recommended that …

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May 20

Training Continues

 I have decided that I will indeed attempt the 5K on June 5th.  I am excited.  I’ve been training for only 2 weeks now, but I feel stronger already.  What I could barely do last week, I’m surpassing this week, easily.  I hope I can keep it up.  I did find a wonderful podcast that …

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May 14

Goofy Sock Puppet

 for fun… Goofy Sock Puppet

May 14

Warren’s Toe Up Socks

 I made these socks for my husband, size 13 shoes.  I wanted to give him a snug fit, but worried about the calf being too tight, so I increased the size of the calf a bit. Warren’s Toe Up Socks

May 14

Short Christmas Stockings

 Having to start my blog over….again, is a bit of a pain.  I forgot that I need to repost all of my patterns so that they are still available on Ravelry.  Here’s Goes. This pattern was a special request for a customer.  She wanted to send Christmas stockings to her son and his family in …

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May 12

Time for Goals

 OK, like so many of us I tend to flounder and struggle when I don’t set goals.  Here I am trying to get into better health and lose weight but I haven’t set any goals or vocalized them.  I’ve decided to run a 5K.  That’s not too big a goal, but it gives me something …

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