May 19

Bananas Foster Bread

I found this recipe on Pinterest yesterday, while looking for a new way to use my bananas. They were getting to that perfect for baking, but too soft for eating stage. Not a single soul will eat the bananas in my house once they have their leopard spots. Well I take that back, the dog will eat anything he can reach on the counter, which is why I have to keep bread in the microwave! Go figure.

So anyway, I found this Bananas Foster Bread recipe on Pinterest and it looked pretty delicous. I liked the idea of the different flavor, and we love Bananas Foster, so why not?

There were a few extra steps like sauteeing the bananas first, and letting them cool back down and the house smelled wonderfully of bananas foster. I love that sugary sweet smell of the bananas, butter and brown sugar. Add the rum, and its just heavenly. However, once baked and eaten, it was just plain old banana bread. Don’t get me wrong, it was delicious, very moist and super soft, but….it wasn’t bananas foster. I even made an icing to drizzle over the top with Captain Morgan’s in it, but it either wasn’t strong enough or the bananas over-powered the flavor.

I was a little disappointed even though it was delicious. Great idea, just kinda fell short of my expectations. I’m thinking I might try this again, but maybe I need to reduce the captain morgan’s down to more of a syrup before adding it. Maybe then the flavor will be stronger. I thought using rum extract would work, but I like the flavor of Captain Morgan’s. I’ll totally try this again…..

After thinking on this recipe for a few days, I wonder…..if I make them as muffins and make a caramel/Captain Morgan’s sauce and serve them cut open with ice cream. Yeah, I think that’s a total winner. What do you think? Do you ever alter recipes to make them your own? I’m thinking that I do this so often, but I never write down the recipes. Maybe that’s what I need to do. Write them all down and share them with you. Maybe a cookbook some day? lol Dare to Dream.