These are my own original patterns.


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  1. Annie

    Hi – I can’t locate the pattern for Goofy. Can you help me out?

    1. admin

      The sock puppet pattern is located on this page: Just click the link for Goofy sock puppet, that takes you to the page to download the pattern.

  2. Joan Moreci

    I downloaded your Warren’s toe up socks and I am making them for my husband. First your directions are excellent and I am pleased with the result. However, I have an aversion to w&t. I made the heel after several tries but picking up the wraps is very difficult. I am using a very dark blue/black yarn and I can’t see the wraps. Can I do anything else and achieve the same results? Please HELP! Thank you for your reply.

    1. admin

      You don’t have to wrap and turn. You can just turn instead. The wrap and turn is supposed to help keep the stitches tight and eliminate gaps. Skips it.

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