Jan 15

Surgery Completed!!

 I got my surgery last Friday!!  I am starting to feel a lot better as of yesterday.  I am very very sore, but functional at least.  It is very difficult to do much typing as of yet, so this will be short.  I have beautiful new boobs!  Yahoo!

It is one week out and I am feeling much better.  I still can’t raise my arms very high and I don’t have a lot of strength in my arms/chest but this is progress.  I can’t work out for 2 more weeks but then the true fun begins….bra shopping!!  I can’t wait to go get sized and find out where I ended up.

I started reading a new book during my downtime this last week…..Going Rogue by Sarah Palin.  

So far I am really enjoying it.  It is an autobiography of her life and career.  I can really relate to this woman so far.  I know a lot of people hate her politics, but so far, I see nothing wrong with her.  I agree with her on a lot more than I thought I did, except for the pro-life thing.  Having faced that decision myself, I am pro-life but I do not believe the government has any place telling any woman she must continue with an unwanted pregnancy, so I am officially pro-choice.

So I know that Sarah is very controversial. I know that a lot of people disagree with her, but it sounds like she has done great things for Alaska and always has her constituents in mind.  I think I’m going to do a little more digging to learn more about her.  I’m learning about myself in the process too.  I always thought I was a Democrat, but I think now that I’m most likely a republican…..go figure!

Jan 04

Happy New Year!!

So the new year is finally here.  I have so much going on this year and I am so excited!!

I already shared with you my resolutions for 2011 and many of them are already underway.  I am getting my plastic surgery this Friday!!  Literally it is 3 days away!  I am so excited but the nerves are starting to creep up a little.  I feel a little lump in my throat and my hear pitter-patters when I think about it.  This is a big deal and I am going to be sore for a while, but I really am excited for it to finally happen….BOOBS!  LOL  I always wanted to get a boob job, but now I really am making it happen.  So fantastic!

Now…about plastic surgery.  I am finding that it is a lot like when you are pregnant.  Let me explain.  When you are pregnant, any and every woman you meet who has ever given birth has to tell you her birth story, how horrible, how long the labor, etc.  Plastic surgery is the same.  Now that I am going to have it done, I meet people left and right who have had it, had a bad experience or who would like to offer up free, unsolicited advice.  The funniest part is, their advice completely conflicts with what the doctor told me.  I’m thinking the doc is the expert right?  Thanks for the advice, but next time, wait until you are asked, ok?

I also finished my training and am now a fully licensed travel agent.  I can book directly or people can book with my online booking engine.  So cool!   I have to work a bit harder promoting myself.  This is not something that I am very comfortable with but I’m going to just have to get over it.  Anyone have any tips for this???

Dec 28

Prepping for the New Year!!

 So it is that time of year again…..time to take a new look at life.  Time to make plans, reprioritize and set goals.  I hate this time of year just for that….do I have to plan everything out?  Yes, I do!!  That is what I keep telling myself.  Normally I start out really well, and fall short quickly….on almost all of my goals.  So, I am going to recommit to my blog again….hopefully this year I won’t lose all of my data on year like I have the last two years.  And, yes I did implement backing up of the database, so that shouldn’t be an issue ever again.  So, back to goal-setting.  Yeah, love that one.  Ummm….what to do next year.  Well, lots of things I should do, but what do I actually plan to do?  Humm….thinking, thinking thinking.  OK, lets set some goals…blech!

2011 Goals for Hallie

  • Lose Weight….current weight:   155lbs, goal weight:  135lbs
  • Plastic Surgery…..yep, getting some.  Already paid for it, already scheduled it, and if you know me personally, you know what I’m getting done….nuff said.
  • Promote Travel Business…..yes, I have had a travel business for almost a year now, and have barely done anything with it.  I am not a good sales person at all!  I must work harder on this.
  • Get a job….I really do want to earn some money on a regularly basis, so yes a job!
  • Sell my crafts….I have lots and lots of hand knit and crocheted items that I have not sold.  I will get rid of my stash this year.  I also need to find a niche for items that people want to buy rather than just making what I like to make.

Those are my big ticket items that I need to work on.  So, like my old job, for each of these items I now need to make a plan of how I will achieve each of these goals with an action plan and dates….right?  That is the best way to be successful.  Well, those are not items for today, but late this week, perhaps.

We are heading out for fun in the snow for New Year’s Eve and can’t wait!  Happy New Year!

Dec 14

Merry Christmas!!

 It is newsletter time!!

2010 has been a fun year for the Richter Family and we really enjoyed ourselves. We went camping as much as possible this summer and us girls even made it to the King Cousins reunion in Pennsylvania. Here’s hoping we can go this summer too, just too hard to plan that far ahead right now. We took the girls to Mackinac Island this summer too. It was Megan’s first trip and we had a good time, but I’m thinking it’s a little over-rated. We do have lots of pictures to share here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/halliejo We are so excited that the snow is finally here so we can go play in it and snowmobile too!

Catina is now a Sophomore at Oxford High School. She is still in the marching band and loves it. It is a real joy to see how much she improved from last year and her enjoyment of band has gone up too. They marched in 3 competitions and we are very proud. She was in the drama club production of Ella Enchanted this fall and really had a great time.  She had to play the part of a giant on stilts, and that was a challenge.

Megan is in 5th grade and still a part of the Super Singers, which is all of the elementary schools in Oxford combined together to make one big voluntary choir. Megan also joined the Girl Scouts again this year and loves going.She also started her journey toward perfect teeth by getting an expander this fall. Braces will follow in the spring! Megan went with Grandma and Grandpa Sutherby to Florida and Disney this past spring….she’s a seasoned traveler now.

Warren is still at the Utica Meijer. He works so hard to keep us all well cared for and we are so proud of him. Unfortunately he has to miss a lot of family activities but we appreciate the sacrifices he makes for us. He started remodeling the bathroom this summer and it looks so much better already. He is threatening to start the living room this winter….yikes! Before long the whole house will be done…..yeah right, lol.

Hallie is still unemployed, but making the most of it. We started a travel and e-commerce business this past Spring, and while it is slowly growing….we have high hopes! Please consider booking your travel with us (www.hrtravel.info) or shopping online through our website (www.thezamzuushop.com). Every little bit helps, so spread the word!

Much Love,
The Richter Family

Jun 21

Sophie’s Choice

 I just finished reading the novel “Sophie’s Choice.”  It was long, tiring and a bit boring at times.  I read it thinking it was supposedly a great movie and won awards and what not, so its got to be great.  No, No, No it was not great.  The book was way too wordy, over descriptive at times.  The story it good, but the reading was painful.  I would never ever recommend this book to anyone.  That being said, it is an old book, and the movie did win awards, so who am I to critic it so harshly.  Perhaps I should now rent the movie for a comparison.

Jun 10

5K Completed!!

Well, I ran my first 5K last Saturday.  I have to admit, I did not run the entire thing.  I knew I wasn’t going to be able to, so I did not stress that goal, just finishing is fine with me.  I ran about 2/3 of the race I think.  I was pretty much the slowest person, so I really need to up that level before the next race. 

Overall it was a really great experience, minus a few glitches.  At one spot in the race there was no one standing there indicating which way to run, so of course I ran the wrong way.  Once I figured it out I had to double back and ended up not getting an accurate time.  And that is another glitch….no times!  They said they would post the times on their website after the race but it is almost a week later and still no update.  How am I supposed to beat my time for the next race when I don’t know what it is??  That is probably the worst part of all!

The running was really hard and actually a lot harder than my practice runs have been.  I have a trail near my house and have been using that to run on.  it is well shaded, which this run wasn’t.  It was all on pavement and very very hot.  A lot of sun and almost no shade save for a few seconds here and there. 

I am still using my podrunner podcast to continue to progress with my running lengths of time and I have a Gymboss to use when I have done with the podcasts.  I am on week 5 of my 9 week training and moving along really really well.  Things are getting harder every week, but I don’t feel like I am going to die like I did in the beginning.

Strangest part…..I have not lost any weight.  My husband swears my shape has changed, but I can’t tell.  I am pushing forward.


Jun 03

New Toy

I ordered a new toy to help me with my running, and it arrived today!

This thing is called the Gymboss.  It is an interval timer to help me run/walk in the intervals that I want.  I can set my own pace.  So far, I am pretty impressed with it!  My friend Tricia recommended that I try it, and for $20 I couldn’t resist it.  My first 5K is this Saturday, so I shall put it to the test then.  This should help me to maintain throughout the entire race.  I’m excited!

Jun 02

Laugh and Dash

 So my first 5K run is this Saturday in Oxford.  I plan to run in the Laugh and Dash.  This run benefits the K9 Animal Rescue League in my area.  This will be my first ever 5K.  I am so looking forward to it, and a little nervous at the same time.  I’ve been training for four weeks now, so I still cannot run the entire run, but I’m hoping to run half of it.

I’ve been getting a lot of great tips and hints from my friends on facebook, so I feel pretty well prepared for the run.  My goal is to complete in under 40 minutes!  Wish me luck!

May 20

Training Continues

 I have decided that I will indeed attempt the 5K on June 5th.  I am excited.  I’ve been training for only 2 weeks now, but I feel stronger already.  What I could barely do last week, I’m surpassing this week, easily.  I hope I can keep it up. 

I did find a wonderful podcast that is helping tremendously!!!  Podrunner Intervals is this amazing podcast for runners.  There are three different series of podcasts, but I’m using the interval training ones to help me build up to the level I need to be at.  The super cool part about this podcast as that the music is selected by beats per minute, so I know I’m running at a decent pace.  He give you intervals, run/walk/run/walk etc.  Each week the music builds the length of the run.  At the end of 9 weeks I should be able to run a 5K and finish!.

I run 3 days a week and strength train 2 days a week.  I walk as often as I can just to keep burning the calories too.  I understand that I won’t be able to completely run the 5K in June, but it will give me a beginning time to beat for the next run!

May 14

Goofy Sock Puppet

 for fun…

Goofy Sock Puppet

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